Steve Burkett

Ruby & Rails (ReactJS) programmer.

Steve Burkett

Ruby & Rails (ReactJS) programmer.

Fun stuff

I had tons of fun growing up in Austin, TX thru college and a few years after.

I studied English literature at Oxford during summer school.

On a whim, I decided to live in Turku, Finland for over a year.

I now live in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

I love snowboarding, whitewater kayaking, windsurfing, yoga and playing ping pong, ultimate frisbee.


I have been quality crafting Ruby/Rails apps for several years now. see Reputation Manager & Analytics Dashboard. Quality code, solid OOP practices, drive alongside tests are my mantras.

I currently work at Stonecrop Tech using Ruby/Rails to dramatically improve order logistics & cost savings for the cellular construction industry.

I've gained unique experience with some famous extra-challenging companies: Microsoft, GettyImages,, Symyx, and RealNetworks.

I enjoy mentoring. see Sink the Stink i did a few years back to a local ruby group. At Stonecrop, I'm promoting/educating ReactJS to our team.

Solving problems & creating value w/ Ruby/Rails (ReactJS) are my passions. Big wins for developer happiness and productivity!